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Napa County CERT Annual Drill

Berryessa CERT attends the Napa County 2019 Annual CERT Drill. Napa County CERT held their 2019 Annual Drill on October 19th at the Cal...

We're Just a Bunch of Hams

Berryessa CERT members get their Technician Class Amateur Radio Licences. Berryessa CERT is committed to helping their community in a...

Napa CART Cooperative Training

The Berryessa CERT September Training was on mutual aid operations with Napa CART. Berryessa CERT team members trained on best practices...

Safe Traffic Management

The Berryessa CERT June training topic was safety in traffic management. The Berryessa CERT team trained on basic traffic management...

What's in your Go Bag?

Berryesa CERT's first monthly training meeting is on Go Bags. What's in yours?

EVC's and SUV's

Napa CERT hosts a special EVC training on March 16th at the Grace Church in Napa. Napa City CERT held a special Emergency Volunteer...

Keeping Our Skills Sharp!

CERT members from American Canyon, Napa and Berryessa train together to keep their skills updated.

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