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Safe Traffic Management

The Berryessa CERT June training topic was safety in traffic management.

The Berryessa CERT team trained on basic traffic management safety procedures in our June monthly meeting. Ken Arnold, the Napa County CERT Program Manager and Trainer gave a presentation on best practices for team member safety. Berryessa CERT could be tasked with helping the Napa County Sherriff's officers with traffic management during an overwhelming emergency and felt the need to train our members on how to do it safely.

Ken Arnold's presentation trained us on standard traffic control hand gestures and where to position yourself while directing traffic with safety in mind. The importance of making eye contact with the driver of the oncoming car was stressed and of clearly communicating direction with big hand gestures.

After the presentation, Ken Arnold directed a hands on training exercise where we set up a traffic management scenario and each practiced on where to stand safely and directing traffic through hand gestures. It really drove home the tip of getting direct eye contact with the drivers so that you know you have their attention. Some members were shy at first with their hand gestures and other team members encourage them to go big!

All in all, it was a great training session which hopefully we'll never have to use in our rural area!

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