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Napa CART Cooperative Training

The Berryessa CERT September Training was on mutual aid operations with Napa CART.

Berryessa CERT team members trained on best practices for animal rescue operations and mutual aid operations with Napa Community Animal Response Team (CART).

Dr. Claudia Sonder, President of Napa CART, gave a presentation on large and small animal rescue operations and safe animal handling.

Dr. Sonder gave us an overview of CART animal rescue operations in the event of an emergency and how Berryessa CERT could help out if needed. Our team discussed ways in which we could help with animal pen setup and radio communications.

Napa CART's mission is to educate the public on disaster preparedness for their animals and pets, disaster response and recovery for animals, and assisting Emergency Services in sheltering, evacuation, and care of animals during a disaster.

Napa CART is a vital component of the Napa County CERT program and both CART and CERT teams train together during annual drills.

We know that many of our residents have pets or farm animals. We're grateful to Napa CART for their help on training us how to educate our residents on animal disaster preparedness. - Shelly van Rijn, Berryessa CERT Team Leader

Berryessa CERT team members had a lot of questions about animal disaster preparedness and safe handling of animals if residents bring them to evacuation shelters. We learned a lot of useful information from Dr. Sonder's presentation and we're grateful to have Napa CART's services in helping all of our communities.

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